Simply Natural Creamery


It’s Simply Natural To Make Memories One Scoop At A Time!

When the Duke & I opened the coffee shop, we looked around at what we were offering, and there was nothing for the children of the area. After all, too much Coffee would have stunted their growth, right? We put our heads together and came up with the perfect way for children and grownups to make memories together: offering Simply Natural Creamery Premium Ice Cream.

It met our desire to offer a product that was locally made and better than the rest. Simply Natural Creamery’s product is made using the freshest, creamiest, and cutest cows milk ever! (Because milk coming from cute cows tastes better. And that’s important!)

Jersey cows offer those who are lactose intolerant a special gift in their milk: the A2 beta-casein. Now, what does that mean? It means that the milk from Jersey cows (and Simply Natural Creamery) makes it easier for lactose intolerants to tolerate their ice cream.

In addition to many delicious creamy flavors, we also carry a sorbet that contains no dairy, so you can still enjoy making memories, and with a waffle cone made fresh on-site too!

So come on in and taste local goodness. After all, It’s Simply Natural To Make Memories One Scoop At A Time!

Ice Cream
Ice Cream Price
Ice Cream Scoop Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, salty caramel, gimme s’moore, blueberry cheesecake, mint chocolate chip, raspberry sorbet, butter pecan, Gimme S’Moore $2.50
Little Guppy Scoop Smaller Scoop Size $2.00
Fresh Made Waffle Cones $1.00
Belgium Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches Chocolate or Vanilla $3.75
20oz Milk Shakes $4.75
Jolt Milkshake 20oz milkshake with espresso instead of milk. $4.95
Espresso Yourself - 1 Scoop A scoop of ice cream with double shot of hot espresso on top. $4.00
Espresso Yourself - 2 Scoops 2 scoops of premium ice cream with double shot of espresso $6.50